As you guys know I like to integrate modern science and ancient philosophy to live a peaceful, blissful and happy life. I generally express criticism through poetry as I find it less harsh and more melodic this way.

So previous in the poem “Life is Beautiful” I’ve generously criticized the Ascetic’s Denial of the World viz. the ideology which denies the world as a reality and endorses spirit as the only reality. Here in this poem, I am going to challenge the material paradigm and the Materialism which denies the reality of Spirit or pretty much anything which is non-matter and how such materialist loses himself into sense indulgence and darkness of material pleasure (metaphorically speaking).

I have also questioned some egoistic misconceptions of mankind such as fatalism, the downfall of ethics, blind chase for material possessions etc. Bhaja Govindam of Adi Sankaracharya was the initial muse for this poem but over the course of months, it has acquired quite a different form. And this poem not only criticizes blind materialism it also reveals and stirs the Vedic ideals and symbolism; and chants for the awakening of Spirit in the matter which the wise shall notice with ease. Cutting the chase I reveal the free verse which as follows:

Weeks of stress and days of anxiety,
       The strange-awkward ways of the society,
Chasing an untrue egocentric necessity,
       After weeks and months of intense pain,
A Few moments of delight is all we gain.
       It makes me doubt, are we totally insane?

It doesn’t seem to me a wise man’s game,
       To chase blindly money, women and fame.
Have we lost our ethics and all our shame?
       After absurd steps, it is the celestial we blame.
Stress within, it is our mind we need to tame,
       And unearth from heart’s soil the eternal flame.

Lost in relative we’ve forgotten the Absolute,
       So the ignorant say thou art that and this am I,
For me and my greater good others must die,
       All dark, petty and questionable hobbies,
Roaming wild and drunken in the gloomy alleys,
       As in liquified soil; the self falls into an abyss.

Lust, Greed, Rage, Envy and Materialism,
       An irresistible urge for sense gratification,
These are the fields in which;
       A tremendous progression we’ve made.
We’ve forgotten what our seers have said,
       After years of hardships they’ve sustained.

Alike the foam emerging in the water,
       Are all these material losses and gains,
Envies and Fears, passions and dispassions,
       Lures and aversions, pleasures and pains,
After the efforts we make to ensure these sustain,
       We realize their collapse is the only thing certain.

Physical, Vital and the Mental being,
       Hallucinating in the material scheme,
The song of veils they collectively sing.
       Under the influence of hostile stream.
Remember! O Self! Thou exultantly sing!
       That Purusha there and there, He am I.

Remember! O Self! Do Thou elatedly remember!
       Immortal is the spark in men; to this body,
Ashes are the end, Awake! O Self! Do Thou Awake!

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