Child’s Play | A Word of Caution and Tips for all Meditators

Many people take meditation too seriously, It should be performed in a closed room (in complete silence) or by the side of a waterfall (in nature’s lap only), no thoughts are allowed and they focus too much on what to wear, how to seat and some will even order meditation cushions and chairs and purchase premium meditation music.

Finally, many people will get busy taking selfies while practising meditation and yoga and posting them on all sorts of social media. So they’ll never actually practice meditation, waste money (they will spend so much time and money that the only thing they will practice is worrying) and ultimately they’d stop even pretending to practice meditation, telling “it is not my cup of tea” or even worse saying “it sucks”.

There is another segment of people, people who are too busy with their routine work tend to avoid meditation because of the above reasons only. The preparation suggested by many so-called experts and websites is itself so exhaustive and frustrating that meditation seems as if it is too much of work as if it is too boring, tardy and useless or even if useful not worthy of the effort it demands.

There is only one tip I would like to share with you guys and that would be: don’t worry too much about how to sit and what to do and what not to do; just sit down in any way which may allow you to forget the body and focus on the mind (pick any one type of meditation) and don’t expect anything to happen just sit, don’t even try to judge the quality of the meditation, at least while meditating. Keep improving daily based on your own experience of the previous day rather than assuming you’ll get it all perfect from day one; say on the third day you sat for too long and you started experiencing back pain on the fourth day make sure you have some sort of back support.

There is one more thing I would like to convey, consider it is an advice, a request perhaps. When you get really good at meditation then don’t start seeing other people as lunatics or sinners or slightly below your status because then this great meditative practice becomes an ego practice (And we don’t want that to happen at any cost). So you are no longer practising this divine art but instead, you are serving your own ego. Many so-called meditators, sages and yogis practising and teaching across the globe are suffering from this stuff and it would be great to destroy this feeling even before it actually arises, just think of it as a child’s play.

Also, try to keep it very very simple just like a child’s play especially during the first couple of weeks of your practice and then start experimenting with other types of meditation to check what actually works best for you and what doesn’t but at first, feel the joy of practising this art of doing nothing and still enjoying it. Feel the Joy of being fortunate enough to be able to practice meditation or even sitting quietly and peacefully when there is so much chaos going around in the world.

Meditation is more like an exploration but an expedition of what’s inside rather than what’s outside. So there are no perfect rules and maps for navigation because if it had it wouldn’t be exploration anymore. All we have is just a set of guidelines, there is no need to follow all of them and even if you wish you wouldn’t be able to as many of them are contradictory in appearance. Simply follow your own intuitive observations and consciousness.

From the ability to generate about 60 to 80 thousand thoughts a day to the creation and destruction of about 50-70 billion cells each day; to the neural impulses travelling as fast as 250 mph each individual is a universe within itself. Trust me you are worthy of your own attention. Simply observe what are the secret messages that your body, mind and spirit are trying to convey.

One more thing, after a lot of crazy experiences I’ve concluded that never ever learn from a teacher who himself is incapable of laughing or at least smiling like an innocent child throughout his discourses because the one who isn’t feeling that joy could never ever transfer it to you. He’s missing the entire point of a spiritual practice. Which is to feel the Delight of Divinity within and without. You cannot ask a beggar to be the chief financier of your startup and never practice any system of yoga or contemplation however well known it may be but fails to fill you with immense amounts of peace and bliss while practising it and later throughout the day.

Each moment of the practice should be tremendously joyful and inexpressibly blissful as if bathing in an ocean of bliss. You may feel the bliss eventually I don’t mean on the very first day but you’ll surely get some intuition about the potential and compatibility of a system in the first couple of sessions because somehow the soul always knows the best way to follow but the mind doesn’t. Trust the divine intuition arising from within. If your meditation practice sucks it might mean you haven’t prepared your body-mind apparatus; first cleanse the body and mind, strengthen both, do proper breath-work and then realize the true potential and reap amazing benefits of Meditation.

There is one particularly useful tip I have for experienced Sadhakas (Practitioners) and this one is pretty much applicable on me still today. It’s about possessiveness, it is very harmful. After we get a few pearls of experience we start getting possessive about a particular practice as well as experiences. This is very dangerous because take this analogy to say if I get possessive of my in-breath and then try to hold it for eternity three things happen: (i) I struggle a lot in this attempt (ii) The attempt is anyhow flop, there is no way I could hold the in-breath for eternity, it’s not in my hands and (iii) I miss all the oxygen-rich air out there.

Similarly when we get possessive about the pearls of joy, firstly I definitely couldn’t enjoy them as I’m too attached to them and true enjoyment comes when we let go of this attachment and secondly because of my possessiveness about the pearls of joy I miss the whole ocean of experiences and joy waiting for me. So the idea of practitioners for all levels would be to consider it as a child’s play and never cling to anything but the goal of self-realization or God-realization. Allowing experiences to pass by, come and go never confusing the Sadhana (Practice) for the Sadhya (the Goal).

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