The Ladder: A Story About Meditation ;)

A spiritual practitioner once on a casual visit was asked by his Guru how are his spiritual practices going on. "Not very well sir! I'm unable to cope up with the routine work and practices both." - He replied So the guru offered him a spirit ...


Meditation Master Class: 6. The Emotions and Breath!

In the previous session, we discussed the physiology of breath and today we are going to examine the psychology of breath but there's going to be a little bit back and forth between the two. We are going to focus a lot on emotions today because as much a ...


Meditation Master Class: 5. Anatomy of Breathing!

In the previous session, we discussed respiration and its effects with reference to cellular biology and organic chemistry but today we shall discuss breathing in terms of physiology, Physiological Aspect of breathing Let's begin by understanding ho ...

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I believe that there is this Supreme Reality which is characterized by Immutable Existence (Sat), Infinite Conscious Force (Chit) and Unfathomable Bliss (Ananda) known as Sat-Chit-Ananda or Brahman, knowing which all is known and it is this Reality which ...



As you guys know I like to integrate modern science and ancient philosophy to live a peaceful, blissful and happy life. I generally express criticism through poetry as I find it less harsh and more melodic this way. So previous in the poem "Li ...


Life is Beautiful :)

This is a simple and I hope an entertaining poem, a free verse dedicated to “Life”. It has no consistent rhyme or meter and you could see lines short and long, jumping around, they are just as dynamic as the topic itself. One more thing to say is ...


Meditation Master Class: 4. Breathing and Metabolism

An average person breathes anywhere between 12 to 20 times a minute, which is around 23000[1] breaths every day viz more than 11000 liters of air. It is interesting to know that one could survive more than 3 weeks without food, maximum 3 days without hydration but 3 minutes of breathlessness would lead one to fatal brain damage.

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Meditation Master Class: 3. Why bother Meditating?

Life is a state of perpetual flux in which we are surrounded by an endless stream of temptations of activities and objects that we believe if we could perform or procure respectively would make our lives truly a paradise. It may be 'Only if I could land ...

Essence of Meditation Pratilom Yoga

Meditation Master Class: 2. Essence of Meditation 

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Dialogue 2. Essence of Meditation 
All of the previous discussion doesn’t mean Meditation is an abstract and remote state unnatural to men. In fact, it is most spontaneous and natural state which has been lost during conventional education and affairs of daily life…