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I believe that there is this Supreme Reality which is characterized by Immutable Existence (Sat), Infinite Conscious Force (Chit) and Unfathomable Bliss (Ananda) known as Sat-Chit-Ananda or Brahman, knowing which all is known and it is this Reality which manifests itself as everything and however great or mean something or someone is this reality, this Reality, this Lord, always dwells at its core.

Yet all the Existence we call Universe or Multiverse lies in it as there is nothing else but this one Supreme Reality or Supreme Lord expressing itself in infinite forms and even in what is termed as formless. It is this Lord who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent which support all by dwelling in them and yet contains everything in it, reveals itself or himself in many ways depending on the cultural and psychological affiliation of an individual.

So to some he is beloved Krishna, to some the Warrior Prince of Ikshvaku, Rama, to God the Son, Jesus of Nazareth, who becomes an ideal of forgiveness and sacrifices himself for the upliftment of the mankind and to others it is the Sole and Supreme God, Allah. Yet that’s not it! to some god is a friend, to some a King, to some an eternal companion and guide, to some the light which burns in the darkness of heart etc.

There are endless relationships one can have with God. And yet to some other individuals he’s just an unsought and forgotten goal i.e. some people have totally forgotten their purpose to seek the Lord in the blind chase for material possessions and sense pleasure. This poem basically a free verse expresses this view putting a mild emphasis on the love or surrender aspect of the relationship with the Lord.


Dear Beloved art thou of them all,

Each call thee by a different name,

Veiled in their sight by occult wall,

Know not thou as the sole sovereign.


Lovers know not it is thou they adore,

Haters know not it is thou they hate,

On all thy bliss thou constantly pour,

Through thy nectar lavishing gaze.


Thou play with all in thy strange ways,

To lovers by thy separation thou tease,

Thou leave us alone in the life’s maze,

And test our love to the point of cease.


Still thou secretly lead us all to escape,

To haters thy anger is an act of grace,

That enlightens the gloomed landscape,

Leaving for darkness no resting place.


To some amongst who love, thou art:

The charioteer of the heart and soul,

And to others an omnipresent master,

Still to the rest only an unsought goal.


All search for thee here and there,

Only to the seer of Truth who sees,

Knower who knows who thou art,

And Mystic who goes in and Unites.


Thou art self-revealed as true self,

Of all existence and non-existent.

For they have surrender their self,

To thee being non-hesitant,


They’ve consecrated their will to thee.

As thou art their sole lover and beloved,

Thou have set their sight and soul free.

Love is the key to us seers have revealed


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