Breathing Exercise: Calm Balancing Breath

Sit comfortably or lie down in a comfortable position. Let your body relax and bring your mind to the awareness of this moment here and now. That’s the only place you need to be in the Here and Now. Here and Now is the only place that really exists.

Step One

Now take the right thumb and press lightly over right nostril to close it gently. Keep the left nostril open. Now take a calm deep breath through the left nostril. As you breathe in, concentrate around the navel region, pull in your lower abdominals, lift up your pelvic floor if you can and push your diaphragm down, this will give you a tremendous sense of stability and unshakeable power and resolve. Imagine that the breath is settling in your navel chakra. Do not forcefully hold your breath but allow natural pause. The subtler and effortless you can make it, the mightier will be is its effects. Everything should feel gentle and natural, unforced. Navel centre distributes vital force evenly everywhere, imagine that the breath is going to the senses, the ears, eyes, palate, nose and skin. Then press lightly with the index or middle finger the left nostril and gradually breathe out by the right . Repeat this cycle two more times. Breathe in through the left nostril, breathe out through right.

Step Two

Now press lightly with the index or middle finger and gently close the left nostril and breathe in slowly through the right nostril. Continue feeling the breath settling in navel and then being directed everywhere. As you continue to breathe in and out slowly and subtly you’ll feel the breath rising up to the brain. This will increase the feeling of calm and peace. Repeat the cycle two more time, inhale through right, exhale through left.

Step Three

Repeat step One. Inhale thorough the left nostril and exhale through right nostril three times. Step one, two and three comprise one round.

Practice three rounds twice a day, once in the morning, once at night. And the end of three rounds let your focus rest on the point between two nostrils, right above the philtrum (the groove between our nose and top lip) and flare both nostrils consciously.


This practice increases the vitality and virility, maintains the blood pressure, quietens the nervous system. Restlessness and inertia (rajasik and tamasic nature) begin to diminish. Sattwik development begins to manifest and harmony descends in the entire system. This simple practice also prepares for sushumna application and provides a sense of settled calm and unexplainable bliss.

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