Meditation Stories: The story of Zazen

Once a Zen master noticed a monk trying too hard to meditate. So he interrupted the monk and asked:

“What are you doing bhikhu (a wandering monk that takes alms)?”

“I am meditating to become a Buddha” – the bhikhu replied.

Hearing that the Zen master sat down on the floor and started rubbing two stones together. The noise of the stones made the bhikhu quite curious and he couldn’t resist but ask:

“Master? What are you doing? Why are you rubbing two stone together?”

“I am rubbing the stones to turn them into a shiny and transparent glass!” – Master Replied.

Listening to that the bhikhu chuckled and said:

“No amount of rubbing is going to turn those stones into glass sire!”

Hearing that the Zen master stood up and said:

“Exactly Bhikhu! No amount of Zazen (sitting meditation) is going to turn a moron like you into a Buddha!”

These words of the Master brought tears of Joy to the eyes of the Bhikhu and he attained Satori, the sudden awakening.

Meditation is not something you do to become a Buddha ie. To be Enlightened but Meditation is how a Buddha sits. Putting it in more contemporary and casual terms, no amount of sitting and torturing oneself will turn something rubbish into divine. But if you’re already divine to begin with, then you can discover it when you declutter you mind and once you have realised that then you just sit, talk, walk and live with that awareness. Hence Seated Meditation or Zazen is not what one does to become a Buddha. Zazen is just how a Buddha sits.

Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts on the story, also feel free to leave your questions and suggestions. As always if you liked the post, share it with your loved one’s so they can benefit from this too. Have a magnificent day. Peace out✌🕊

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